Talent Metrics, LLC would like to congratulate Principal Consultant, Mike Chetta on his new position with the Greater Orlando Organization Development Network! Dr. Chetta is now Co-Chair of the External Consultant Community of Practice and will coordinate activities for the GOOD Network involving external consulting.

The GOOD Network (Greater Orlando Organization Development Network) is a regional OD network affiliated with the International Organization Development Network. The membership includes a diverse mix of consultants and OD practitioners from a variety of industries. The organization strives to uphold an open and welcoming environment for all members that maintains a strong focus on providing tools, techniques, and insights which members can apply in their professional endeavors. The GOOD Network was selected as a 2015 Outstanding Regional Network by ODN.

About Talent Metrics:

Talent Metrics is a human capital management consulting firm devoted to solving organizational problems and improving performance. We help organizations make informed decisions talent management, and organizational culture through customized tools, workplace research, and advanced analytics. Talent Metrics drives business through people analytics. 

Talent Metrics is open to discussions with potential new clients to add to our portfolio of Non-Profit, Private Company and Fortune 500 partnerships. Our firm employs evidence-based practices and analytics to provide solutions and inform business decisions.

In today’s fast-paced and volatile business climate, companies may not have the time, resources, or specific capabilities in their workforce to apply evidence-based solutions. Given these constraints, organizations may employ practices that are costly and unproductive. Talent Metrics is committed to helping organizations make the most informed decisions.  Our clients choose to work with us because we…

· Offer customized analytics services appropriate for businesses of all sizes.

· Offer a broad range of evidence-based consulting services including structured interview development, executive/leadership assessment, survey design, and data analytics.

· Offer a team of consultants with a wide range of experience in different areas of human capital management (i.e. leadership development, selection, training, executive assessment).

We invite you to check out our website (www.TalentMetrics.IO) to learn more about who we are, what we do, and how we can drive business results in your organization.  This is also where you can find blog posts, tweets, and white papers from our team of consultants and business partners.

Please reach out to Talent Metrics if you have a question, challenge, or business decision where we may be able to provide insight. You can send a request on our website’s contact page, email one of our consultants, send a LinkedIn message, or tweet @TalentMetrics!

Thank you,

Michael Chetta, Ph.D., Sy Islam, Ph.D. & Andrzej Kozikowski, Ph.D.                                               Co-Founders & Principal Consultants                                                                                       Talent Metrics