Post-SIOP Thoughts for 2018

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I’m not usually the blog-writing type. In fact, I leave that to our Vice President of Consulting, Dr. Sy Islam of Twitter and IO Shaken & Stirred fame.

I am on my flight back to Orlando and can only peruse social media and Gmail so much…so I have decided to put fingers to keyboard (who puts pen to paper anymore?)

After four days, which included a Wednesday mentoring session for young I-O practitioners at the Early Career Practitioners Consortium, being a member of 3 packed sessions,  as well as attending sessions for my own learning, connecting with colleagues, networking with new friends and witnessing the fantastic IO Shaken & Stirred event, I have come away from SIOP with several thoughts:

1.     A sore throat; likely the combination of being on an airplane, being exposed to the cold in Chicago, and talking virtually nonstop each day for 12 hours

2.     Respect for the great ideas present in our field, from academics to practitioners, and even those who do not typically operate in our space or consider themselves I-O (I’m thinking specifically of Nicole Dessain as I write this)

3.     An even stronger belief that there is room to improve how we share knowledge, address the future of our field, cater to our various membership demographics, and set ourselves up for success

Here’s what I mean:


Tom Waits (circa 2006)

Tom Waits (circa 2006)

Despite nutritional supplements & medicine, I had to use a microphone for the first time in my life. Much like the Lebron James, I could not stop the throat soreness, I could only hope to contain it.


Talent Metrics' own VP of Consulting & Professional Presence, Dr. Sy Islam, being the opening speaker for the night's @ IO Shaken and Stirred in Chicago on Friday, April 20th, 2018!

Talent Metrics' own VP of Consulting & Professional Presence, Dr. Sy Islam, being the opening speaker for the night's @ IO Shaken and Stirred in Chicago on Friday, April 20th, 2018!

I seriously want to put it out there that Jennifer Weiss is an I-O rock star! I have rarely been to an event as well produced and intellectually stimulating as Shaken and Stirred. I have attended SIOP, APA, EPA,  ATD, & SHRM for over 15 years! Providing a venue and a platform for great I-O (and non I-O minds) to share ideas or solutions to widespread issues is the type of “shot-in-the-arm” that our field needs.  Go to immediately, watch this year’s participants and see what I mean.  EVERYONE was terrific!!!

For myself and many colleagues, the “Shaken” event was symbolic of the future possibilities that await the field of I-O psychology. Innovation has started to take hold in the formats of our sessions and new events.

There were also many great panels, debates and sessions with I-O powerhouses like Seymour Adler, Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, David Bracken, Jeffrey Saltzman, Nathan Mondragon,  and Tiffany Poeppelman that also drew attention to the newest ideas in technologies in our field, as well as the need to see where we are headed.

While there have been such sessions in year’s past, the sheer volume in 2018 has given me hope that several things are all on the upswing going forward: SIOPs direction, our branding as I-Os, and the growth of our membership!


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While there was so much positive, there is still room to improve. I believe SIOP has the right idea about how to brand our field, but I still must explain what I do to new clients every week…our external brand remains weak.

Everyone who knows anything about Talent Metrics also knows that we are all about the branding. Everyone who works here is a passionate advocate for I-O, delivering for our clients and representing our brand as strongly as possible.  Our entrepreneurial culture has been key to our success. We build relationships every day. We also generate, listen to, and implement new strategies, tools, and processes all the time.  SIOP has started to take on these elements of entrepreneurship with alternative session types, reverse debates, master tutorials, and a machine learning competition. I have never seen a conference like this and I can’t wait to see what’s next.


Our team is always interested in hearing what you think, coming to speak at your organization or academic institution, or having a friendly debate! Please reach out to us at, directly to myself , or even to the incredible Dr. Islam

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