Assessing Talent Prior to Hire Leads to Organizational Success

Years of scientific research have shown that pre-employment assessments can help predict future job performance among applicants. Talent Metrics designs customized assessments based on a job analysis to meet your organization's needs. 

Pre-employment testing has the following benefits:

  • Allows you to select employees that will succeed on the job and through training
  • Screens candidates for the skills necessary in a particular role
  • Allows you to identify "diamonds in the rough" amongst your applicants
  • Reduces employee turnover by assessing a potential hire's cultural fit as well as performance


Allow us to use harness the predictive power of your data!

Many organizations are already swimming in data. It’s not difficult to find a group of “metrics” But are these “metrics” the ones that are truly driving your business? At Talent Metrics, LLC we know how to connect the dots using linkage analysis. We can show your organization how employee data (i.e. engagement survey) relates to customer data (reviews, up-sell rates) and ultimately profits (ROI, sales). We can help your organization make decisions based on evidence rather than intuition. We provide the deep insights that will keep you ahead of your competition

  • Conduct a Validity Study of an Existing Measure of Personality
  • Develop a New Personnel Selection System for Legal Researchers and Administrative Workers for a Non-Profit
  • Conduct an Organizational Analysis to Uncover Issues Related to Organizational Well-being and Long-term Sustainability, Followed by Appropriate Plan of Action
  • Evaluate the Fairness of Personnel Selection Tests
  • Train Human Resources Staff in Conducting Personnel Selection Interviews
  • Conducting a Job Analysis for Call Center Employees
  • Developing a New Hire Orientation Program for Office Staff


Using assessments to power your organization

Talent Metrics can design customized performance appraisal system (i.e. 360 assessments) for your organization. The results of the performance appraisal system can be used in succession planning, individual coaching, training programs, performance management, and the identification of high potential employees.  Talent Metrics works with upper management and individual employees to maximize the potential of every level of your organization. 


Developing leaders leads to success

Talent Metrics LLC helps its clients to identify high potential leaders at every level of their organization. Talent Metrics designs customized leadership development programs based on scientific research and theory. Our customizable programs are designed to assess leadership ability and develop core leadership skills that are key to your organization’s success. 

Leader development programs:

  • Can help an organization develop successful leaders
  • Help leaders focus on the results that matter
  • Help leaders manage their time and their subordinates’ time more effectively. 

Avoid using tools/processes that have "adverse impact" on persons in a protected class

One of the key decisions your organization has made is how to select employees. Your selection system is liable to legal scrutiny. However, many organizations do not have the expertise to identify whether or not their selection system is in violation of current employment law. We help our clients stay ahead of these issues by taking existing employee data and analyzing it for disparate impact or adverse impact. 


Collect open responses or analyze data you have to gain greater insights into the experiences of your employees and customers

Using qualitative and textual analysis techniques can help companies better understand the needs, feelings, values, and perceptions that underlie and influence the actions of employees, clients, and consumers. Qualitative research can provide details about human behavior, emotion, and personality characteristics that quantitative studies just cannot match. With a selection of specialized software (much of it developed and/or modified in-house), Talent Metrics can guide clients towards cutting-edge business insights as we have already done for the our clients in the following industries:

  • Medicine & Health Care
  • Hospitality
  • Non-profit
  • Professional Organizations