Allow us to harness the predictive power of your data!

Many organizations are already swimming in data. At Talent Metrics, LLC we know how to connect the dots using linkage analysis. We can show your organization how employee data (i.e. engagement survey) relate to customer data (reviews, up-sell rates) and ultimately profits (ROI, sales). We can help your organization make decisions based on evidence rather than intuition. We provide the deep insights that will keep your organization ahead of your competition.

Examples of Organizational Research: 

  • Conduct a Validity Study of an Existing Measure of Personality
  • Develop a New Personnel Selection System for Legal Researchers and Administrative Workers for a Non-Profit
  • Conduct an Organizational Analysis to Uncover Issues Related to Organizational Well-being and Long-term Sustainability, Followed by Appropriate Plan of Action
  • Evaluate the Fairness of Personnel Selection Tests
  • Train Human Resources Staff in Conducting Personnel Selection Interviews
  • Conducting a Job Analysis for Call Center Employees
  • Developing a New Hire Orientation Program for Office Staff