Talent Metrics, LLC is a management consulting firm focused on helping organizations improve through an emphasis on current performance and future strategy.


Some of our clients and partners include:

Our goal is simple:  We assist our clients in measuring and managing the talent within their organizations. We view talent as the ultimate source of an organization’s success. Those organizations that identify and maintain a pool of talented employees are the ones with a sustainable competitive advantage.

Our work on creating sustainable success is based on two components:

1.    Measurement- Clearly understanding the experience of employees within the organization and potential talent entering into the organization is a key to success. We can help your organization avoid missed opportunities by truly understanding the business terrain and assessing your employees effectively.

2.    Management – Getting actionable insights from rigorous scientific methods allows your organization to manage more effectively. We can provide evidence-based insights that will give your organization a deep understanding of your employees, customers, and competition.   

Talent Metrics, LLC uses the science of management to deliver the insights that your organization needs. Make informed decisions about talent selection, talent management, and organizational culture through customized tools.